ICS 132: Homework #2

Distributed: Wendesday Jan 24
Due: 11am, Wednesday Jan 31
Take the database below, which describes papers that have been submitted to a conference, with details of their authors, the authors' institutions, and the URL where the papers are stored. Successively transform this database into (a) first normal form, (b) second normal form, and then (c) third normal form. Assume titles are unique.
Title Author 1 Institution 1 Author 2 Institution 2 Author 3 Institution 3 URL
Database Technology in Organizations Joe Blow UCLA http://www.ucla.edu/~blow/paper.pdf
An Analysis of Flaming Sara Dull CMU Robert Wrong CMU http://www.dull.org/email.pdf
Gizmatron Design Paul Gizmo Gizmatronics http://www.gizmo.com/design.html
Information and Context Helen Troy MIT Joan Arc MIT Anne Cleeves MIT http://www.mit.edu/~ht/info.html
Breaking Database Security T. Secret NSA A. Spy CIA http://www.nsa.gov/secure.ps


The Internet Domain Name Service (DNS) maps domain names such as www.ics.uci.edu to IP addresses such as It is a radically distributed database, incorporating servers all over the net.

Give one technical reason and one organizational reason why a distributed design is better than a centralized one. What are the dangers of decentralization in this case?

How does the DNS manage consistency? (Hints: What sorts of inconsistency could arise? Why don't they arise all the time? What mechanisms does DNS use to limit the problems?)