ICS 132: Organizational Information Systems

This is the home page for ICS 132 (Organizational Information Systems), offered in Winter 2001.

Class Details

Instructor Paul Dourish (jpd@ics.uci.edu)
Teaching Assistants Victor Gonzales (vmgyg@ics.uci.edu), Vijay Jayanti (vjayanti02@gsm.uci.edu)
Lectures Monday and Wednesday, 11:00-12:20, Steinhaus Hall 174
Discussion section Friday, 1-1:50, Social Science Lab 270
Assigned Texts Stephen Alter, "Information Systems: A Management Perspective"
John Lofland and Lynn Lofland, "Analyzing Social Settings"
Syllabus syllabus.pdf
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Jan 10 I've added a copy of the homework I assigned in today's lecture below. Also, a couple of people have asked that I put the slides for the lectures up on the web site more in advance. I'll work on that...
Feb 15 The midterm grades are posted here.
Mar 9 Here are Victor's slides explaining midterm grading. (Powerpoint)

Slides from Lectures

Jan 8 Introduction lecture01.pdf
Jan 10 Metaphors for Organizations lecture02.pdf Homework
Jan 17 Basic Concepts lecture03.pdf
Jan 22 Processes and Workflow lecture04.pdf
Jan 24 Information Management lecture05.pdf Additional readings: Database Fundamentals, Database Design
Jan 29 Performance and Competition lecture06.pdf
Jan 31 Organizational Communication lecture07.pdf
Feb 5 Review
Feb 7 Midterm
Feb 12 Analysing Social Settings - 1 lecture08.pdf
Feb 14 Analysing Social Settings - 2 lecture09.pdf Project handout
Feb 21 Networks and Telecommunications lecture10.pdf
Feb 26 Planning and Maintenance lecture11.pdf
Feb 28 Security lecture12.pdf
Mar 5 Knowledge Management lecture13.pdf Pre-reading
Mar 7 Case Studies
Mar 12 Review lecture15.pdf
Mar 14 FINAL!